17 Taking Off the Rose Colored Glasses – How to Not Fall Prey to Judgement. (Podcast)

We all at one time or another are guilty of judging others for their actions, beliefs, choices, and disagreements. When we fall prey to judgement we shut the door on true connection because we can become blinded by our own perceptions of truth. Listen as Bethany shares how it is possible to love even when you disagree; show compassion in the midst of differences; and bridge the great divide when you seek to understand.

Truth: Painful & Healing

Painful truth. Painful truth is the realization that you can't hide from your feelings, your experiences, your past, your present, or your future. It's an acknowledgement of where you have been and what is. Where there is painful truth, there is self-protection and armor that can be impenetrable. Truth always catches up; we can deny its existence, but... Continue Reading →

Holiness is Not Man-Made, but God Inspired

Holiness is not man-made, but God inspired.  According to Wikipedia, holiness is the state of being holy or sacred. Holiness is being clean or pure. Merriam-Websters online definition of man-made is manufactured, created, or constructed by human beings; specifically : synthetic. One cannot make themselves holy by outward acts, self-effort, or religious duty--it cannot be... Continue Reading →

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