Mindful Moment: A New Season of “Bests”

When going through change, there’s fulfillment in shifting our perspective from “the best is yet to come” to embracing “this is a new season of bests”. In this week’s Mindful Moment, we celebrate the “bests” of the past season, knowing the “bests” of the new season are going to be the perfect fit for our present.

45: For the Love of Parenting: Whatcha Wanna Do? I Don’t Know, What You Wanna Do? (Podcast)

Trying to help your teen figure out what they want to do after high school? So many interests, so many careers, so many paths to choose from. Figuring out how to ask the right questions, without creating unwanted pressure and expectations, often opens up great conversations of opportunity. In this week's podcast, listen as Bethany shares some great ideas to help you and your teen discover the next step to their future.

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