54: For The Love Of Parenting – Say No To Drama (Podcast)

Teen life can be filled with so much drama. They face so many challenges to belong and be accepted by their peers, while trying to figure out and develop healthy friendships. Part of our role as parents is to model what healthy looks like. We all have been hurt by words and actions of others, we all have had bad days, but it doesn’t give us the right to be mean or cruel to others as a way to deal with the pain. In this week’s podcast, Bethany talks about how to create a drama and bully free zone starting at home with your teens.

27 Walk In Your Strength – Don’t Let Comparison Kill Your Growth

We all look different in our strength. If we all looked, acted, thought, and talked the same the world would be mundane and boring, probably even scary. As we learn to grow in our strengths, we all need hero's and role models to emulate and motivate us to become our best self. However, we have to be careful not to compare and measure our progress to the accomplishments it took others a lifetime to achieve. In this week's podcast, Bethany talks about not getting caught in the trap of comparison.

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