Mindful Moment: A New Season of “Bests”

When going through change, there’s fulfillment in shifting our perspective from “the best is yet to come” to embracing “this is a new season of bests”. In this week’s Mindful Moment, we celebrate the “bests” of the past season, knowing the “bests” of the new season are going to be the perfect fit for our present.

Mindful Moment: Integrity Matters

Mindful Moment: Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one else is watching. It isn’t an outward display or façade to make us look good, it is behind closed doors that character is put to the test and where it really matters. These two worlds cannot be divided, but must be lived out in honesty and truth. It will take courage and bravery, for integrity is not for the faint of heart.

Mindful Moment: The Power of Recognition

Today’s Mindful Moment: The Power of Recognition. You ever worked for someone who withheld praise or didn’t recognize a job well done? It’s not fun and you find yourself exhausted trying to prove your value to the team. As a leader, as a parent, as a coworker or friend; it’s important to celebrate and recognize those moments when others shine! It brings out the best in our people! Try it and see what happens—watch them glow!

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