10 Seasons of Change (Podcast)

Christmas traditions may change over the years as families grow, people move away, or face the loss of a loved one. Honoring the past, present and future of Christmas allows us to stay open to creating new memories and traditions that keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts. Listen as Bethany shares one of her favorite Christmas memories and the process of her seasons of change.

05 Living Within Your Boundaries – Part 2 (Podcast)

What are your 'tells' when you are not operating with healthy boundaries? Establishing healthy boundaries within your personal and professional life allow you to  bring the best ‘you’ to your everyday. Lack of boundaries can lead to anxiety, resentment, frustration, and broken relationships. However when we learn to own our 'yes' and be confident with our 'no', we can live a life full of freedom, joy, and truly thrive.

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