Grateful for Second Chances

Thought for the day: Seven years ago I never would have imagined going from losing everything to where I am today. Last week I was overcome with gratitude as I pulled into the driveway of our beautiful new house, saw our fully functioning parked vehicles with no rust, walked inside to cupboards fully stocked with food, and paid our bills on time online with funds still in the bank. The moment almost felt surreal.

A little over seven years ago our coffee shop business closed, and we were financially strapped! I can still strongly remember the feelings of loss, wondering if anything was ever going to change. We had poured our blood, sweat and lots of tears into a dream that only lasted five years. The shame and heartache was daunting. All you could see were the bills pilling up in front of you on the counter, the cars that continually were braking down and you were scrapping every cent together to get them fixed, trying to sell anything and everything you could to try to pay an upside down mortgage, and hoping you had enough money to put food on the table–it was overwhelming to say the least!

Yet in the midst of all the struggle, my husband and I found the courage and strength to pick ourselves up, work hard, do whatever it takes, lean into each other, cry, laugh, enjoy the simple things, be even more generous, and little by little, baby step by baby step regain what was lost. It has not been an overnight miracle, it has taken lots of patience, perseverance, and time. We aren’t at our end game yet, but we have taken what we have learned along the journey thus far and are continually grateful.

I am grateful for second chances, grateful for grace that we had to learn to show ourselves and others, grateful for the ability to work hard, grateful for friends and family who stuck by our side when we had nothing, and grateful for the losses that have taught us to enjoy where we are today. I remain forever grateful!

“I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.” -Joel Osteen

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