Courage to Live in Your ‘Trueness’

Thought for the day: Everyday we are all faced with a battle for significance. We become workaholics with no boundaries. We post on Facebook and Twitter looking to be liked. We become consumed by fitness and fade diets because we want to impress. We go into debt for all sorts of things to look the part. Our busyness defines our popularity. Yet in the heat of the battle we still feel empty and alone. How can this be?

This battle is real my friends. So how do we win? It must be a daily surrender to show up, be real about the challenge, make purposeful connections, and allow ourselves the grace to overcome. When we surrender, we are not surrendering to insignificance, but embracing the gift of trueness. In this place it is not a struggle or a status, but one of peace, inner strength, and self-compassion. Trueness says, I am worthy just as I am, strong even in my weakness, and loved in the here and now. It takes courage to daily stand in our trueness–the deeper meaning of our significance.

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