Looking Ahead to the New Thing

Many times we can sense change is coming, and yet our past or our present keeps us in fear and paralyzed from embracing the new thing. Our human minds typically only comprehend what we have previously experienced. So, we try to preempt change by fitting it into a past experience instead of being open to something new. We get stuck expecting our future to look similar to our past, yet new things are coming.

Past experiences definitely prepare us for future change, but we have to be careful to not get positioned in an old way of thinking that traps and blinds us from seeing new opportunities. Looking to the past and comparing it to our near present future may inhibit the creativity and ‘out of the box thinking’ we need for the coming change/new thing God has for us.

How do we ready ourselves for something new with out trying to predict what the new thing will look like? We look ahead and set new stretch goals, we continue to practice, prepare, study, challenge ourselves beyond our current state, connect with others, build new relationships, seek wisdom, and pray. In the process of ‘readying’, the change and new opportunity begins to unfold.

Personal Prayer: God give me eyes to see what you’re doing. Open my eyes and heart to embrace the new things coming. I don’t want to keep looking behind me for what is new and lies ahead! Now I will tell you new things, secrets you have not yet heard. They are brand new, not things from the past. So you cannot say, ‘We knew that all the time!’ “Yes, I will tell you of things that are entirely new, things you never heard of before…” Isaiah 48: 6b-8a 

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