Truth: Painful & Healing

CouragePainful truth.
Painful truth is the realization that you can’t hide from your feelings, your experiences, your past, your present, or your future. It’s an acknowledgement of where you have been and what is. Where there is painful truth, there is self-protection and armor that can be impenetrable.

Truth always catches up; we can deny its existence, but it fights to come to the surface. Truth manifests in every aspect of our lives: our relationships with our spouse, children, co-workers, friends and family; our health; work; etc..

The hardest part about the painful truth is you must come face-to-face with it in order to fully thrive. To live in falsehood is operating from a paradigm wrongly placed; it will only cause hurt and wounds to others. Rooted in fear, it is not having the bravery to go to the deep places.

Healing truth.
Healing truth acknowledges exactly where you are and navigates from that place. Bringing you healing from the inside out; it calls you to be authentic in the face of your fears and short-comings. It is being honest and having the courage to be a hero within your own heart.

Truth is a reality check to the very things that have caused pain, fear, and isolation. It is no longer living in denial, but embracing life outside the walls built of shame, guilt, and fear. Vulnerability is at the core of healing truth and must be the goal. It is the discovery of the road less traveled, but the destination is freedom.

Personal Thought:
I want to be fully present to truth; honest, transparent, and no longer hidden. I admit it hasn’t always been pleasant to discover truth, but the freedom found is worth it. It has been a season of tears and coming face-to-face with fears. Acknowledging if I want to fully embrace the fullness of life, I must first be truthful with myself. The truth has been both painful and liberating; yet, in the midst of it all, it has started me on a journey that is restoring my soul and my spirit. Be encouraged to begin your journey of truth.

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