Father’s Day Poem – The Best is Yet to Come.

A special moment with my dad when I was trying on my wedding dress in the Summer of 2002.

In honor of my Father, Michael Bachmeyer, on Father’s Day 2015.
Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Father’s and Daddies out there!
This world is a better place because you.

Thank you for your heart to provide, protect, and defend.
Thank you for being loyal, honest and the very best of friend.
Thank you for modeling commitment in everything you do.
Thank you for your love for life and always being true.

Thank you for working hard so we could eat and sleep.
Thank you for providing a roof over our heads, a place that we could keep.
Thank you for the trips, the fun long rides in the car.
Thank you for creating memories in that hot, red station wagon car.

Thank you for playing sports and playing catch in the yard.
Thank you for line-drive tennis balls that don’t feel quite as hard.
Thank you for trips to Valley Fair, DC, Canada, and more.
Thank you for the memories of all the places we explored.

There are so many more thank you’s that I could still write,
But most of all I am thankful that you loved me with all your might.
To give it all and sacrifice so we could have the best,
For loving God, being strong, through some of life’s most difficult tests.

Your wisdom, patience, and joy for life is passing on to the next
A generation of loved children and grandchildren that will never doubt the best.
Happy Father’s day to you, and many more under the sun,
You’re imparting to your family the best is yet to come.

I love you Dad!


Bethany Conway

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