Turn the World Upside Down.

icebergWe are called to be those who turn the world upside down! This statement was made about the apostles in the Bible in the book of Acts, chapter 17.  The apostles were going from city to city as the Holy Spirit led them, preaching the good news about Jesus and moving in signs, wonders, and miracles–healing the sick, raising the dead,  and casting out demons. They were not only demonstrating power in the name of Jesus Christ, but loving, serving, and blessing those who had a hunger and a passion for the more of God, and bringing revelation to those who had not yet encountered this amazing truth.

As I read this scripture, I saw in my minds eye a large iceberg. I have never seen an iceberg before in real life, but I have seen amazing pictures of them. Icebergs are large floating masses of ice that have broken away from a glacier or sheet of ice and have been carried out to sea. You can typically only see a small part of the iceberg above the surface, but it is what is hidden beneath the water that you really need to see. Most icebergs are twice the size, many even larger, then what is seen floating on the surface.

It is like those who turn the world upside down, they see from a different perspective and can change something or a situation completely. They see the unseen, the bigger picture. Knowing if they go deeper they will encounter the more of God. Not just settling for what they have seen or experienced on the surface level, but are willing to take a risk, dive in, and move in the greater measure of God’s glory and power. Only in this endeavor, do they discover the depth and bigness of God. Turning the world upside down is seeing from heaven’s grand perspective and not the small surface thinking of man.

I want to encourage you today to ask yourself this question–What area’s in my world do I need to allow Holy Spirit to turn upside down? Is it time for a fresh perspective? You are called to be a world changer just like the apostles, moving in the love, power, and might of Jesus. Maybe this will help remind you of that fact!

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