Painting with Your Voice

free-abstract-music-eThere is much power in the voice of sound. As an artist paints and sculpts with their hands, we have the power to masterfully create with our voice. We can paint atmospheres, scenery, landscape, feelings and emotions with the sound of our voice. Artists create deep rich color, hues of a rainbow promise, brush strokes of passion, and definitive lines with pencil; through voice, we create and express through word and sound.

As a singer and musician I recognize and value the ability of a vocal artist who can take people on a journey into the heart of God with sound.  I have listened to amazing songs and been swept away in intense waves of passion through the sound and expression of a vocal artist. From powerfully gripping dynamics (soft breathy inflections, intense soaring highs, and roaring lows); to the steady repetition of a simple phrase, which feels like showers of grace turning into downpours of revelation.

Just as an artist who paints, draws, sketches, or sculpts has to master their craft, so does a singer with their unique sound. More than just being able to match pitch, have a broad range, or a clear pure tone; it is the ability to take those skills and masterfully create.  A vocal artist who can take people on a journey of love, healing, redemption, freedom, passion, and refreshing has learned to flow in the creative power of Holy Spirit. For them, it’s more than singing the words on a page, but artistically creating a heart connection–bringing revelation into the heart of the hearer.

Vocal artistry is crafted and mastered through vulnerability and expression. It is a willingness to dare to allow others in to the real and raw places you have been. Kim Smith of Jesus Culture stated, “You can only take people places in worship you yourself have gone.” True vocal artists will take the risk to experiment with the color of sound and createThey allow the mixture of emotions in His presence to paint a tapestry of beauty for all to see–displaying the splendor and majesty of our God. Putting themselves on the potters wheel, their voice becomes shaped and molded into the works of His hand–a vessel used for His glory.

If you are a singer, I want to encourage you to begin to unlock the vocal artist within–paint with your voice. Not only become excellent in your practical skills, but master the heart connection through your unique sound. Become vulnerable and take the risk to create a sound that expresses the heart of God through the gifts and talents He has given you. As you learn to express your love for Him through the colors of sound, you will create a masterpiece leading many into the very heart of the Father.




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  1. This tapestry of your words, Bethany and your unique sound has awakened my heart to release the sound Father God has put in me. It may be words, art or actions that reflect who God created me to be and to be released. Thank you Bethany

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