Tide or Purex–You Decide!

When I was growinTideg up my mom always used Tide laundry detergent for cleaning our clothes. So, when I moved out after college, I went out to buy my own laundry detergent. I remember going to the store and walking down the aisle. I could not believe all of the detergents there were–Purex, Sunshine, Era, Dreft, Gain, Ajax, Snuggle, All, Oxiclean, and more. All I had ever known was Tide.  I thought for sure Tide was the only way to do your laundry. Being on a tight budget, I realized Tide was not the only way to do your laundry. This would not be the first product that I grew up on that I discovered was not the only way.  Ha!

Have you ever gotten locked into a way of thinking because it is something you always knew, grew up on, and/or were taught? There is no real reason maybe why you do what you do, other than it was handed down to you by your family; i.e., using Tide, Prego spaghetti sauce for lasagna, cottage cheese at Thanksgiving, ironing your jeans, folding your underwear, etc. It’s that moment you choose to use Purex laundry soap instead of Tide and breakout of the way things have always been done. You discover the world is so much bigger than what you realized, and other laundry soaps do get the job done for half the price.

I want to challenge you today to breakout and do something new–think differently, choose differently, and expand your horizons. There is a big world out there ready to be discovered.  “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, [even] now it shall spring forth…” Isaiah 43:18-19

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