Steak or Chicken?

chicken or steakBy making a choice, you are automatically saying ‘no’ to something else. Ever been at a restaurant and everyone has looked over the menu, made their selection, and are ready to order, and then there is that one person in the group who can never make up their mind?!? You seem to wait for ever and ever while your tummy rumbles, and amazing sizzling dishes keep passing by going to other tables.

My brother use to do that all the time. He would go through the whole menu, literally eliminating one choice at a time, and asking everyone else at the table what they were ordering. Finally when the waiter would come, it would be his turn, and under the pressure he would order the exact same thing he has always gotten at the restaurant. Once the choice was made, there was no going back on his order–none of us would let him! Ha!

God gave us the ability to choose from the very beginning of time. To choose right or wrong, life or death, love or hate, or to order steak or chicken. There is great power in our choice.  The choices we do or don’t make today affect our tomorrows. Thankfully God has given us His Holy Spirit to bring us the wisdom and counsel we need–all we have to do is ask. When we have the wisdom that comes from Heaven, we can boldly make choices and be confident in our ‘no’ to other things.

Be encouraged today–if you are in need of Heaven’s wisdom for a choice, all you have to do is ask. “For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy. Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe.” Proverbs 2:10-11

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    1. I have had no problem saying “yes” all throughout my life, but now I am learning to be confident in my “no” in this season. Not always easy, but so worth it.


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