Day #20 – Lessons Learned in Running


Ask the experts and learn from their success! Today at work there was a man sporting a Chicago Marathon T-shirt. I asked him if he was a runner, and he said he had done several. He had just completed the Madison Mini Marathon this past weekend, the same one my good friend had done. You could tell he loved doing them by the big smile across his face as he talked about them.

I told him I was going to be doing my first half marathon next month. I couldn’t pass up this moment to ask him for advise and pointers. So this is what he told me…

  1. Eat lots of pizza, pasta, and peanut butter three days before the race, and eat peanut butter the day of the race. Mmm…yum! No problem!
  2. No running three days before the race, and keep your legs up to keep them rested. Resting…zzzzzz… I can do that!
  3. Don’t drink any liquids until mile 6 of half marathon, and only drink Gatorade. If you drink too soon you will have to go to the bathroom. Good plan…. I so dislike that feeling, and port a potties are not my favorite. Nasty!

Note to self: Lesson #20 – Learn from the successes of others and you will most likely save yourself from a lot of unwanted mistakes, and smells. Ha!

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