Day #18 – Lessons Learned in Running


When the Elements Align.
Day #18 – Lessons Learned in Running.

I ran 8.2 miles for the first time in my life, and everything was perfect for this run. My husband and I got up at 6:05am, had a black cup of coffee, half a hard boiled egg, and half a piece of peanut butter toast–just the  perfect combo for energy on our run. By 6:30am, the weather was about 70 degrees, the sun was still low in the sky, and there was a slight breeze to keep you cool. Everything aligned for an amazing run of 8.2 miles in exactly 89 minutes.

It doesn’t always come together that perfect–it can be a hit or a miss with weather, you didn’t eat enough for lasting energy or you ate too much, you wore too many layers or not enough, and/or having the right mix in your itunes. But when all of the elements align, you come out with an amazing run and feel on top of the world! It’s days like those that keep you running!

Note to self: Lesson #18 – To master all the elements for running–it can be done!

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