Day #15 – Lessons Learned in Running

Day #15 – Lessons Learned in Running.

My friend and I, and a rapidly growing number of people, are going to be doing a half marathon in September in Madison, WI. It is exciting to see how as we have been on this journey of training, the relationships and trust we have for one another has gone to greater levels.

When you are in the heat of training you have no choice but to be real and raw. There are days someone may feel like giving up and a failure, days someone feels like being independent and on their own, days wished for no accountability, but as a team we realize we are a part of something greater than ourselves. We are giving the best of who we are to a team of people who are going to accomplish what was never thought possible.

So, we trust the encouragement coming from our friend, we receive the training tip without our ego getting hurt, we allow each other to vent when we are having an off day, we hug each other even when we stink with sweat, and we laugh at ourselves a lot. It is this team of people you trust, who challenge you to be the better you, who don’t let you quit, and it is with this team of people you run with.

Note to self: Lesson #15 – Trust me, I’m a runner–HA! Trust is built as you work together to accomplish what was once seen as impossible.


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