Day #11 – Lessons Learned in Running

Heat-Running-Logo-for-web-headerThe Heat is On!
Day #11 – Lessons Learned in Running

Blisters, I do not like blisters–now with more hot and humid weather, it seems like these are getting harder and harder to avoid. You’re running and then you start to feel your feet get warm, then hot, and then sweaty. It starts with a small tolerable irritation, and the longer you run the more irritating it becomes. It’s like you can feel the blisters forming with every minute that passes, and you can’t ignore it because it just keeps getting more painful.

So, my new best friend while running this summer is going to become the band-aid. Between new running socks and band-aids, I should be able to make it running in this heat–plus, of course, good friends, water, sun screen, sun glasses, and sweat bands! Ha!

Note to self: Lesson #11 – Band-aids, especially cute ones with pictures and characters, are a girls best friend when running in the heat–’cause the heat is on!

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