Day #3 – Lessons Learned in Running

running2Today’s run was going a distance that I have never run before in my life–4 miles! I was nervous about even going beyond my now comfortable 3 miles that I had conquered. But as I started out the run I heard, “No limits, no boundaries!” As this phrase kept circulating through my head as my feet hit the pavement, I felt the strength rise up within me that I could go beyond my comfort zone of 3 miles.

I started thinking about other areas of my life where I have reached my comfort level, the places I have successfully conquered, and yet have stayed at that point–never pushing into the next. Yes, it’s good to celebrate our successes and enjoy the moments we are in, but in what areas of my life do I feel the challenge, just as I am in running.

Note to self: Lesson #3 – Where is it time in my life to push past, to conquer fear, and have no limits and no boundaries.

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