Day #1 – Lessons Learned in Running

running womanI just started training for my first half marathon–13.1 miles! I ran 2.43 miles, at an average of 12 min and 36 seconds per mile. A few friends and I just accomplished our first 5k (3.2 miles)–goal attained! So a friend says, “Why not go for the half marathon?!?!” Crazy friend, well, maybe I’m crazy because I agreed to it!

Anyways, on my first training run, my knee started hurting about mile 1.75 and I wasn’t sure if I should start walking, but I kept pushing. I decided to lengthen my stride. I realized I was so concerned about pacing myself to be able to go the distance, that I had subconsciously shortened my stride causing strain on my knee and slowing myself down. As soon as I picked up the pace a bit and lengthened my stride the pain started to go away. But at that point I had been so focused on my knee that I was done!

So, note to self: Lesson #1–don’t be so stingy with your stride! If I hold back, it actually hinders me from moving at a faster more natural pace.

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