Just stop talking!

whole-body-listening-posterYou would be amazed at what you can hear when you have to stop talking! I lost my voice over the weekend; what started out as little dry cough a few days earlier led to a hoarse throat, and then to no voice. I have been drinking lots of fluids–done the honey with lemon, tea, and soon to gargle warm water with salt. I looked up online to see what are some of the best remedies to healing your voice. They were staying hydrated, throat lozenges, gargling salt water, but the top on the list was to stop talking, don’t even whisper because that makes it worse–just stop talking! A lot easier “said” than done! Ha!

So as I do the “no talking” thing and rest here in bed, I hear my girls in the other room watching Wreck It Ralph, the trucks and cars going by on the interstate, birds chirping outside, my puppies paws on our hardwood floors, my music coming from my computer, my typing, my breathing–all of these sounds that I typically don’t pay any attention to.  It got me to thinking–how often do we just keep talking and not taking a moment to stop and listen to what is going on around us? How often do we do all the talking and not realize there are people all around us crying on the inside wanting and waiting to be heard?

We would probably be surprised at what we could learn about each other if we just took the time to truly listen. We would probably be surprised at the depth, the heart, the longings, the hurt, the desperation behind the mask of a smile if we could just stop talking and listen. Then, when we have truly heard and truly listened, we can open our mouth with wisdom and speak the life, the hope, and the freedom that is desperately needed. Not speaking out of man’s wisdom because we are just good at talking; or while they are talking, we are talking in our mind with an answer just waiting for the moment to jump in. HA! But really being silent, listening with the heart of God, and then when the moment is right, speaking the truth in love that changes a heart, brings the breakthrough, and releases peace and comfort.

So, the challenge for today–listen! You might just be surprised at what you learn and hear when you just stop talking.

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