A Supernatural Legacy

As a parent we always desire the best for our children. A few months ago I was thinking about my children and the desires I have for them as they grow up and who I want them to become; more so who God wants them to become. I felt like God dropped two words into my spirit and they were, “supernatural legacy.”  As I pondered those words, I felt like not only was I called to be part of a supernatural legacy, but I was also called to bring forth into the Kingdom a supernatural legacy.  A supernatural legacy is one that will not be forgotten, but will transform the world; knowing how to truly operate in the fullness of the Kingdom.  So, I began to write what I felt like the Father was dropping into my heart for myself, my children, and generations to come.  This is a supernatural legacy…

A supernatural legacy, a generation of people who don’t look like the face of religion, but the face of Jesus.  A generation flowing in the ways of love; the ways of the Kingdom; a generation releasing the glory of the Lord.  This generation seeks His face and won’t settle for anything less than His face.  They are revivalists! They move with the Spirit, to encounter heaven on earth and release the fullness of His presence. This generation won’t miss or turn aside the lost because of religious mindsets. They are a people who know and understand there are angels and demons, and all it takes is high praise to shift an atmosphere.  These revivalist are so dependent upon the Holy Spirit they won’t move until released, they won’t speak until released, they won’t go anywhere without the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  A generation of sold out lovers for Jesus who won’t care what the cost, they will release love, power, and the glory of their Father.  A people who will boldly go where no man has gone before… They will go to hell and the grave to see the one lost sheep come home.

This is a revivalist generation who won’t settle for routine church or status quo.  A generation who are not intimidated by titles or the faces of men, but understand the fear of the Lord.  Holiness is their hearts cry. They can look religious spirits square in the face, cast them out, and saturate with the love of God.  They carry a fire that sets captives free with every step.  A generation of radical lovers of Christ who throw down their own reputations for the One.  “To the death,” they say, “…for I will love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, and mind.”  They don’t desire fortune or fame, but for the fame and glory of the lover of their soul.  They look temptation in the face and charge forward with no fear; with the sword of the Spirit in their hand.  They don’t hide behind religious pretences, but fully embrace the supernatural power of the Kingdom.

While those who have remained silent and allowed torment of the lost and dying, looking with their natural eyes, not into the soul; they missed the one who cries in the night, who screams in terror, and no one comes to the rescue.   This generation will set the precedence for the coming King.  “No man left behind,” they say, “To die for the cause is to gain the prize.” A full understanding that there is a battle raging between heaven and hell; it is raging for souls, and they are the key players for heaven. There is no fear in those who seek His face.  Freedom is what they release and freedom is what they seek for a world lost and dying. This is the revivalist generation, a supernatural legacy, whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

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    1. Simply accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ. He loved you so much that He was willing to die for your life. He gave it all so we might be saved and have freedom from death and hell. He gave His life so we could become adopted sons and daughters to Father God. Heirs with Christ. Beloved children of God, holy and dearly loved, and set a part for greatness. Whoever believes Jesus Christ is Lord and calls on His name shall be saved!


  1. That’s it? The devil believes that Jesus is real -what’s the difference in me believing it? What about the Father and Holy Spirit? Do I have to believe in them too, or only Jesus? To be honest, I’m confused by your blog. All this talk of the spiritual world and changing the atmosphere, are you in an organized society of some sort?


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