Speeding Ticket for Thinking Too Fast

I am not confessing to a speeding ticket or saying that I drive too fast.  Even though I have had a couple of those in my life.  They were never a fun experience.  The few experiences I have had with speeding tickets were as follows…I always first assumed that when I saw those blue and red flashing lights in my rear view mirror that they must be for someone else, so I will get out of the way.  It is when those flashing lights follow you to the curb; your heart starts to go 100 mph, and just for clarification sake, I was not going 100 mph.  (I only did that a couple of times in my life on a sport bike and I was wearing a helmet.) Darn it! Caught!   Anyways, you sit there thinking of what excuse or reason you have for going too fast because you know that is going to be one the officers first questions, after he asks for your license.  Then he asks you, “Do you know how fast you were going?” Do you lie or tell the truth? …THE TRUTH of course…shame on you if you didn’t tell the truth.  The officer takes your license and walks back to his car to verify all your information. What happens next is, you sit, you wait, and wait for what seems like hours, as they verify who you really are.  Finally, you see them walking back to your car in your side view mirror with a piece of paper in their hand.  Your heart sinks because you know this is going to cost you. It is going to cost you big.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket for thinking too fast? Did it cost you big? Obviously there are not mind police who go around pulling you over for thinking too fast.  But something that I have realized about myself is I have had a tendency to think and problem solve too fast. Make quick decisions, jump on the bandwagon, make choices and quick responses before taking the time to wait.  Even more so in the last few months, I have realized the need to slow down and rely more on the Holy Spirit for guidance, wisdom, and decisions.  I look back over the years and notice my natural tendency is to solve problems myself, with what I think the correct response or decision should be. Listening to everyone else for answers; don’t get me wrong, there is wisdom in great counsel.  But, forgetting the fact God sent the Holy Spirit to come and bring comfort, wisdom and guidance. I have always known the Holy Spirit is with me and there for me, but I have moved too fast and responded to quickly to listen and wait for what would be the better solution.  The Holy Spirit has been waiting and desires to give wisdom, counsel, and direction, I just needed to stop and ask.  Job 15:8 states, “Have you heard the counsel of God? Do you limit wisdom to yourself?” My quick witted decisions have gotten me to places that I would rather have not been. Thank God for His grace that makes up the difference, but sometimes I would’ve rather not had to count the cost for lack of Holy Spirit guidance.

So, when faced with the next decision (BIG-do we sell everything we own and move to Mexico? or SMALL-do I buy that extra pair of jeans or save my money?) or problem that arises in your life, put on the brakes, slow down, and get in the habit of becoming Holy Spirit dependent.  I guarantee there will be a greater amount of peace in your life, and a lot less regretful speeding tickets.

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