Value of Friendship

The value of friendships have really gone up in my life over the years, just like the price of gold.  Maybe it’s because I am getting older, maybe its because of the warm fuzzy’s of the Christmas season…who knows, there are probably many factors. But I started thinking about it the other day when I got off the phone with a friend.  How valuable friendships are and when surrounded by healthy friendships it causes refining, it causes growth, it causes life.  True friends can talk straight to each other without offense, they can be real when all hell seems to break loose in our lives, they know how to listen without giving feedback unless asked.  Good friends know your favorites, your dislikes, what makes you tick, and what makes you tock. Sorry for the nursery rhyme reference. They can tell you that those pants make you look fat and you don’t go crying.  Friends speak into your dreams and help you not to forget them.  They breath life into our drab routines. And they definitely know how you drink your coffee. Anyways, I know that I would not want to go through life without them.  For clarification purposes, my husband is my closest friend and confidant, but I am talking about girlfriends right now. And for you men who read my blog, your guy-manly friends-buddies; whatever you may call them.

One of the greatest examples of true friendship came during the Christmas season.  Jesus Christ!  He was not easily offended, he loved dearly, he challenged his disciples to be better people, spoke purpose and wisdom to those around him, and most of all gave his life for the love of people.  What a valuable and priceless gift! So, during this Christmas season don’t forget to be thankful for your good friends. All it takes is a phone call, an email, a text, a card in the mail, or maybe a coffee date. Or for you men, a hunting conversation, a lets go shoot our guns in the woods, watch the football game, or skiing…is that what you guys do?  I’m just saying…  But life is meant to be lived with good friends and if you are reading this, you are probably one of them.  Have a blessed and Merry Christmas my friends!

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