Frustrated, Yet Protected

Recently I had a very revelatory dream about the importance of being thankful in all of our circumstances.  In this dream a very influential woman of God came to me and spoke into my life.  Literally prophesied over me in my dream.  It was very powerful.  She began to declare things such as,  new season, new songs, new…. and then, her tone changed even to more direct and authoritative.  This is what she said to me, “And God would say to you, that in this last season you have experienced moments of extreme frustration and chaos, but it was in His heart to protect you.  There was even a time that you went to the prayer room to play and sing and you got there and no one was there. You were frustrated at the confusion of scheduling. But it was in that moment of frustration that I allowed a purposeful mix up in the schedule.  For if you had been there, the enemy had strategically planned to take you out (kill you).  God has been protecting you. He has allowed these mix ups on purpose to protect you!  So moments of frustration, were God re-directing for your protection.”  While this woman spoke these things over my life, I was going back to that moment and other moments of frustration over the last several months of my life. I began to weep as she proclaimed over me God’s intention was for protection.

After awaking from the dream, I realized the greater measure to which we are to be thankful in all situations and circumstances because we really do not know how God is at work in our lives.  Moments of chaos, moments of frustration, moments of disappointment are real and they can take a toll on our attitude and thankfulness.  I have always been taught to thank God even in the toughest of circumstances, but never had I considered God purposefully allowing chaos as a way to protect us.   There are stories where people have gotten stuck at the airport or had to take a different route home. It was frustrating and irritating, only to find out later that the plane they were scheduled to take had an incident or a severe car crash occured on their normal route.  However, to have someone directly come to me in my dream and tell me that is exactly how God has been operating in my life on purpose, was powerful!! The magnitude of His love and protection for me was so real and intense in that moment, all I could do was weep.  God cares so much for me that He knows I can handle a few frustrations and disappointments at the expense of protecting me.  How grateful am I to know He is watching over me.

So, consider the next time you are in a challenging moment, faced with a frustration, disappointment, or extreme chaos, maybe it has been allowed.  The Big Man upstairs, God, is seeing the bigger picture; He has got your back and is protecting you.  Choose to be thankful, choose to endure, choose to have joy.  For God is all about protecting those He loves and cares about! And that my friend, is YOU!!!

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