Life in a Whirlwind

In the last couple of months God has been moving fast in my life.  Sometimes I feel like I am in a whirlwind.  I am reminded about a vision I had during a Sunday morning worship service this past year.  I saw myself standing in the middle of a twister.  It was calm and quiet in the middle of this twister, but as I looked out I could see the wind spinning around me from the ground to the sky above, and I couldn’t even seen through to the other side because of the power and depth of the wind.  But here I stood in the middle of the powerful wind and all I felt was peace and calm.  The vision didn’t mean anything to me at the time because everything in my life for the most part was pretty predictable; same this, same that! I knew what my Monday through Friday schedule looked like, I knew what to expect to do on the weekends, and I had a pretty good idea about my future.

All of the sudden things began to change at the beginning of the year 2011! All that I knew about my predictable life began to come undone.  The first sign was the business my husband and I owned, which had done so well last year, started to tank.  Then my husband began to feel a stirring in his spirit about God calling our family out into new places with Him.  These were major things for me because all that I knew about my future plans were based on neither of those two things changing.  To make a really long story short, both of those things dramatically changed! Business closed this summer and our family was launched into new places in God.

And here I am standing in the middle of this powerful whirlwind of change. It has been by God’s grace and peace that has brought me to this place.  I see all the changes and all of my predictable plans have vanished. All I crave is more of God’s presence.  I want more!! There is no other place that I would rather be than standing in the whirlwind of God’s presence. Feeling His peace and knowing He and all His might and power are in control of what you called “your” predictable life.  So let the wind of God blow because in the midst of His presence and His purposes there is peace.

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