I Want It All!

As Christians, why do we want what we want?  We want wealth, we want blessings, we want revelation, we want favor, but for whose benefit?  We want to lose ten pounds or gain ten pounds, we want to be debt free, we want to be wise, but for whose benefit?  It is to truly benefit the Kingdom of God?  Who benefits from the relationship between God and Me if I have it all?  Does God benefit?  We work our jobs, we exercise, we do our family time, we watch our shows/movies, but where is our time for God?  We want more, more, more, and more…  But when we have it all does it benefit my relationship with God or take my time from Him?  We want more glory, we want our passions and dreams to be fulfilled, but do they take precedence over our relationship with God the Father.  It’s a humbling thought: to get it all, we have to give it all.

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